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DIY Branding Mastery

A 13 page practical guide to help you understand what it means to have a business brand and how to brand your business well. This guide includes simple, easy-to-use worksheets that make it so you can confidently build your businesses brand or rebrand.

➡️ The DIY Branding $150 Value

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Filthy Riche$

Trash Can Cleaning in America. Shortcut to understanding what is needed to start and run a trash can cleaning business. Edwina started one of the first trash can cleaning businesses in America in 2014. Over 300 copies sold.

➡️ Filthy Riches $250 Value

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Cleaning Day Tag

Download and Print. Done for you Trash Can Cleaning Day Tag. Email to your clients or print, cut and laminate to provide for them. These tags put your clients at ease, especially if you offer next-day cleaning service. Make your own like this or get for a dollar!

➡️ Cleaning Day Tag $25 Value

Get it for just $1.00

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E-Book Reviews


G. McKenzie

"I just received your books and read through them. There is so much good information, and I will be using them a lot. Thanks"


Art Lefebvre

“I do not have a business up and running yet. I am in the research stage and found your book very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”


Marty Sutley

“I found your book to be very enlightening. You covered the topic well and touched on all the points an interested prospect would be interested in.”

EMIE stands for Edwina Makes It Easy

Meet "Edwina the Encourager"

Edwina Adams knows firsthand that business can be tough and isolating. But she’s here to change that for you. Edwina spent 13 years as a Paramedic in EMS and 10 years as a Flight Medic in the Air Force Reserve in addition to her business experience. Her journey from saving lives to transforming businesses is nothing short of inspiring.

Once Edwina caught the entrepreneurial bug, there was no turning back. Her natural affinity for challenges and her history as an adrenaline seeker made entrepreneurship a perfect fit. Yet, the road was not always smooth. After years of trial and error, Edwina found the key to making business easier. Realizing that many others faced similar struggles, she felt a deep desire to help them succeed.

Edwina has:

✔️ Been a leader in the military as a Technical Sergeant

✔️ Been a leader in EMS as Paramedic/Captain

✔️ Been an entrepreneur since 2008

✔️ Built and sold two businesses

✔️ Negotiated four successful business sales

✔️ Became an industry leader

✔️ Hosts a podcast and speaks

✔️ Has consulted several hundred businesses over the past six years

✔️ Co-Authored a best selling book about Scaling, Innovation and Success in Entrepreneurship

Today, Edwina continues to pursue her passion for teaching and helping others. She’s not just a business expert; she’s also a dedicated wife, mom to her son and daughter, author, speaker, and podcast host. She runs two successful businesses and still finds time for her favorite hobbies: watercolor painting, family time, Pancake Saturdays, and collecting cool shoes.

How does she manage it all? By mastering the art of making business easy and efficient. Edwina’s proven strategies and deep understanding of business complexities can help you achieve the success you’ve been striving for.

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Worked with over 1000 other businesses

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