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"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong." — N.R. Narayana


Systems Review

Do you find yourself overwhelmed? You have leads coming in and clients to serve, but you feel disorganized. No fear! A review of your business systems to simplify and automate your processes is the answer!


Marketing Guidance

Marketing is complex. It is overwhelming and constantly

keeps changing! I love marketing and have experience allowing me to provide you with premium insight. Though EMIE is not a marketing agency, my insight leads to valuable guidance in marketing.


Personal Branding

If yon need encouragement to start creating video content, take the proprietary, Cultivating Courage for Content Creation Course designed to help you show up online as yourself and elevate your business brand.

Coming Soon.....Business Made Easy Hub

A centralized location of helpful businesses

who are EMIE certified - find a variety of

business resources in the hub that make your life easier

by offering knowledge and systems related to your business or the business you wish to start.

EMIE's Experience

As a small business owner, I have a heart for you as a fellow small business owner. I want to see you succeed.

Nearly two decades of business experience

Worked with over 1000 other businesses

Invested nearly 30K in additional marketing education for ourselves

What do you get with a business consultant?

As your business consultant I am a professional with a diverse set of skills who provides expert advice and guidance to your businesses. I will analyze your company's operations, identify areas for improvement, and recommend strategies for growth and efficiency.

Client Review

What people are saying about EMIE Business Systems Consulting where Edwina Makes It Easy

As I looked at my growing organization, I knew that we needed someone who could look at our processes with fresh eyes and years of experience. Edwina Adams provided our team with sound advice after looking carefully at our current organizational processes. She helped us see a clear solution to several of the pain points that we were experiencing and provided us with scalable alternatives to our processes. It gave us the courage to do the hard work of reorganizing and we are already reaping the benefits of efficiency and systems confidence. Thank you Edwina for helping us navigate to our next level of client care.


Jay Raines

CEO, LeadersQ Consulting

College Station, Texas

EMIE stands for Edwina Makes It Easy

Meet Edwina

Edwina Adams understands that business can be hard. She wants business to be easier for you. Prior to starting her first business in 2008, she was a Paramedic who worked in EMS for 13 years while simultaneously served in the Air Force Reserve as a Flight Medic and Flight Medic for 10 years.

Once she started her first business, she never looked back. She was hooked. Always up for a challenge and with a history of being an adrenaline seeker and risk-tasker, entrepreneurship was a perfect fit. It was hard. After years of struggling and failing in business, then pivoting to find the correct changes to make business easier, Edwina realized many others also struggled with these same problems. With a heart to help and serve others - and not see them suffer - it was only natural for her to begin helping other business owners. She set out to accomplish this first through free online forums and videos but then she was stretched and was not able to get to all who needed help. With her own mentors telling her time was valuable she had to find a way to help but not overextend her own time and mental health. That's when she wrote her first paid e-book. Next came two more e-books and paid consulting. As a result, Edwina literally helped to change an industry as she grew into the role of industry leader. Her decades of teaching and helping others has evolved and continues to be a passion.

Edwina is also a wife, a mom to her son and daughter, an author, a speaker and a podcast host. In addition, she is a business owner to two businesses. How does she manage? All this is possible because Edwina made it easy to run and manage her business. In addition to

enjoying hosting the Let's Make Some Noise Podcast, she enjoys watercolor painting, hanging out with her family, Pancake Saturdays, and adores cool shoes.


People who pay, pay attention. When you are serious about taking action to grow your business,

select the option that fits you best.

Monthly Group Consulting with Community


Share/grow in a community

Total of 24 hours

Private link for missed sessions

Zoom - 2 hours each month

Business Systems Consulting


Review of current systems

Actionable Advice

Up to three hours

Zoom or in person if local

Start Up and New Business Consulting per hour


For those new to business

One on one consulting

Actionable Advice

Zoom or in person if local

Cultivating Courage for Content Creation

Need encouragement to show up online? The class is fun and enlightening, while challenging business owners to elevate their brand. Edwina Adams created this lesson drawn from her years of being a business owner, where she found great success in elevating her own businesses and brands. She also saw great results through brand delas and affiliate cash flow. Join Edwina while she cheers you on!

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